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KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr

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KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fried stuffed dumplings are all "made by Qianwei Yangchu"

Qianwei Yangchu Food Sep 16

The following content is from Frozen Food, written by Cuiping

Two days ago, a promotional picture titled "A Bowl of Good Soup, My Hometown Henan" was very popular in WeChat Moments. This picture from Henan KFC caused many people to speculate about what is going on.

The mystery is revealed today: KFC began to sell Hu spicy soup, which can mostly represent the local breakfast culture, in Henan. The classic CP combination of Henan breakfast - fried dough sticks and fried stuffed dumplings will appear on the breakfast menu of Henan KFC, as the "three treasures of breakfast" along with Hu spicy soup. The new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set", Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fried stuffed dumplings, launched by KFC are all "made by Qianwei Yangchu".


KFC Hu Spicy Soup, made by Qianwei Yangchu

A day in Hangzhou people started with steaming Zhiwei stuffed buns, the breakfast of Wuhan people cannot do without hot dry noodles, and the thought of the Fujian people after getting up in the morning are hidden in a bowl of Taiping meat swallows, while in Henan, a bowl of Hu spicy soup is essential in breakfast. "A Bite of China" III made Hu spicy soup, a specialty of Henan, out of Henan.

Strong consumer base and quick sales volume increment without consumer education is the basis for KFC to launch Hu spicy soup.

Introducing Hu spicy soup as breakfast to KFC restaurants in Henan is not only a product innovation of KFC, but also an inheritance and tribute of Henan's Hu spicy soup culture. KFC's brand influence is unquestionable. Adding Hu spicy soup, the local specialty of Henan, to the breakfast menu of KFC can better meet the taste needs of local consumers and drive the sales of other categories.

In recent years, KFC has paid more and more attention to localization, and has continuously included local specialty snacks into its menu. KFC jointed hands with Qianwei Yangchu this time and launched Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks, and fried stuffed dumplings, the three specialty snacks of Henan, which is an attempt of KFC' further localization.

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖1)

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖2)

In May of this year, Qianwei Yangchu proposed more than 10 new products to Henan KFC based on the local specialty snacks of Henan. Finally, after confirmed by KFC headquarters, the three specialty snacks of Henan, including Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks, and fried stuffed dumplings were included in KFC's menu.


Inheriting the intangible cultural heritage of Xiaoyao Town

Selecting more than 20 kinds of ingredients and spices

Qianwei Yangchu's quick-frozen Hu spicy soup is "very authentic"

There are many brands of Hu spicy soup in Henan, but it is not so easy to make people give a thumb up and say "yummy" after eating.

After reaching a consensus on R&D with KFC, Qianwei Yangchu was thinking about a question: What is the standard for a bowl of good spicy soup? With the question, Qianwei Yangchu and Yum team visited every typical restaurant to explore and learn the historical origin, culture, raw materials and process standards of Hu spicy soup.

This "journey of taste" made Qianwei Yangchu understand the standard of good Hu spicy soup  excellent in "color, smell and taste". The so-called color means that the soup should be bright and dark brown, neither as dark as the color of Chinese medicine nor as light as salty soup; smell means the long-lasting fresh smell of Hu spicy soup; taste means that it is necessary to make most heavy consumers of Hu spicy soup feel that the salt is modest. Spiciness is a major feature of Hu spicy soup. The spiciness should be mellow and rich, without the tingling sensation of pepper, but making people have a great appetite.

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖3)

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖4)

Qianwei Yangchu also visited Gao Qunsheng, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Hu spicy soup, and obtained the integrants of the Hu spicy soup certified as intangible cultural heritage, to ensure that the products origin from "authentic tradition".

Good integrants is foundation of good food. In terms of ingredients, Qianwei Yangchu cooperates with the core raw material producing areas, with gluten from Zhoukou, Henan, black fungus from Mudanjiang, daylily from Datong, Shanxi, and wolfberry from Zhongwei, Ningxia, etc. Qianwei Yangchu also selects in the factory to ensure product quality because daylily and fungus are both agricultural and sideline products.

Combined with KFC's terminal application scenarios, Qianwei Yangchu made the second innovative R&D of Hu spicy soup on the basis of ensuring the authentic taste.

Unlike roadside stalls that start to make Hu spicy soup every morning, KFC has the most standard and smartest equipment in the catering industry. As the supplier of KFC, Qianwei Yangchu should ensure that the quality of Hu spicy soup is consistent, with moderate thickness, and without layering during the complete breakfast period.

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖5)

In order to achieve the result, Qianwei Yangchu tested all the ingredients in the processing equipment of KFC restaurant, and then did the corresponding pretreatment, thus achieved the perfect integration of the quick-frozen Hu spicy soup and the application scenarios of KFC.

After many trials, KFC-customized Hu spicy soup was finally born in Qianwei Yangchu. It is easy to operate and fast to prepare. It only needs to pour all the ingredients into the container, add appropriate water, and steam for about 25 minutes. The soup will not be layered during the whole breakfast period, and the taste is always as it is just prepared. It has a high degree of standardization, and can effectively avoid the problem of unstable tastes prepared by catering restaurants, achieving multiple purposes.

With the emergence of Hu spicy soup on the menu of Henan KFC, the quick-frozen Hu spicy soup for families will also be launched simultaneously on the KFC Free Kitchen Platform. The consumers can buy and eat the delicious soup at home at any time.


Yum China, Yonghe King, Wallace, Haidilao...

Qianwei Yangchu's strong innovative R&D capabilities

Laid the way of special customized catering

This is just one of many products customized by Qianwei Yangchu for KFC.

As early as 2008, Qianwei Yangchu jointed hands with KFC to launch Fried Dough Sticks, which officially opened a new chapter in its customized services for catering enterprises.

In order to meet the procurement requirements of many different enterprises, Qianwei Yangchu realized B2B product customization services by simulating the kitchen equipment of customers according to customer needs. It is one of the earliest Chinese catering enterprises providing customized and standardized quick-frozen rice and flour product solutions. Its major direct customers include various large-scale chain catering systems such as Yum China, Wallace, Yonghe King King, Haidilao and Jiumaojiu. Because customized direct operation model requires long customer investigation period, strong innovation ability, fast response, and relatively close relationship after cooperation, Qianwei Yangchu has established its own strong moat.

KFC launched the new "Henan Breakfast Three-piece Set"; and Hu spicy soup, fried dough sticks and fr(圖6)

At present, the competition between catering enterprises has extended to the competition in the supply chain. Qianwei Yangchu adheres to the strategic positioning of “only for catering and chefs” and provides catering enterprises with customized and standardized quick-frozen food and related catering kitchen solutions, which will surely help catering enterprises getting ahead in the fierce market competition.