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Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu


Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu

Qianwei Yangchu Food Mar 5

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu, which further deepened the cooperation between both parties.

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu(圖1)

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu under the leadership of Board Chairman He Yong on the morning of Mar 5. The leaders of Qianwei Yangchu, including Board Chairman Sun Jian, General Manager Bai Rui, VIP Customer Department Director Niu Fazhi, and Technical R&D Director Jia Xueming, etc. received Heyong Catering Group on the site.

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu(圖2)

Heyong Group has several series of brands such as "Axiang Rice Noodles" and "Goooodo Hot Pot". The nationally well-known brand "Axiang" was established in 2000. There are more than 800 "Axiang Rice Noodles" restaurants in more than 100 cities in China, becoming the country's No. 1 fast food brand. The group insists on quality control, and cooperates with the world's top design teams and internationally renowned high-quality suppliers.

As one of its suppliers, Qianwei Yangchu has always maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Heyong Group. The visit of Heyong Group deepened the understanding of both parties, explored cooperative content, and laid a solid foundation for joint development in the future.

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu(圖3)

During the visit, Mr. He and his entourage visited the latest workshop of Qianwei Yangchu Xinxiang Factory, learnt about the company's latest production equipment invested, average daily production capacity, company status and future product planning. After the workshop visit, they went to Qianwei Yangchu R&D Center to taste the latest products customized by Qianwei Yangchu for Axiang Rice Noodles.

In the meeting, after taste, Mr. He affirmed the new products, and fully communicated and understood the product characteristics, production resources and other information. The senior executives of both parties discussed the current market development in China, how terminal restaurants and professional food factories can empower each other and cooperate more closely in the current market competition environment, and exchanged ideas in depth in the pleasant "eating and chatting" atmosphere. Both parties also made a landing plan on how to cooperate to create better products in the new year and how to bring Chinese consumers a better dining experience.

Heyong Catering Group visited Qianwei Yangchu(圖4)

As one of the enterprises early engaged in the catering B2B in China, Qianwei Yangchu has been committed to providing customized solutions for catering chains. In the future, we will focus on the catering supply chain industry and take advantage of the historical opportunity of the booming Chinese market to create the first high-level share in catering supply chain, and become a safe, customized, international and professional enterprise.

After visiting the new factory of Qianwei Yangchu, Mr. He gave a very high evaluation to Qianwei Yangchu and invited the executives of Qianwei Yangchu to make a return visit in Shanghai. Like the sturdy growth of seedlings in spring, the visit of Mr. He and his entourage, will surely bring fruitfulness to the cooperation between both parties in the new year.