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Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises]


Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises]

Qianwei Yangchu Food Apr 2

"2021 China Catering Conference & the First China Catering Red Bull Award Ceremony", jointly organized by, and Hotelex Shanghai will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai on Mar 30. The conference attracted many influential figures from the catering, academia, media, and capital circles. It was held in various forms such as white paper releases, independent speeches, roundtable forums, etc., and more than 1,200 catering professionals, industry chain practitioners and managers exchanged with each other in depth.

At the conference, the guests including Han Xiuyun, professor of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University and well-known Chinese economist, Hou Yi, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Hema Business Group, Liu Chang, Board Chairman of New Hope Liuhe, Song Xiangqian, Founding Partner and Board Chairman of Harvest Capital, and Zheng Xiangzhou, Managing Partner of PreIPO and expert in business model design, gave wonderful speeches around the topic including how the catering industry after the epidemic can coexist and find new growth points.

Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises](圖1)

As the finale, the three major awards of the first "China Catering Red Bull Award", i.e. "2021 China Outstanding Catering Enterprises", "2021 China Influential Catering Brands (Enterprises)" and "2021 China Catering Leaders" were unveiled.

As one of the most influential awards in China’s catering industry, the winners of “China Catering Red Bull Award” are selected with the principle of "objectivity, science and justice", aiming to recognize the outstanding Enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of China's catering industry and set an example for the healthy development of China's catering industry.

Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises](圖2)

During the mass-selection started since Dec 2020, the review committee of "China Catering Red Bull Award" selected more than 2,500 catering and related enterprises from the catering industry chain and numerous reported enterprises. Then it went through preliminary review by the expert group and re-review with certain controversy. After 4-month selection, the final list of the first "China Catering Red Bull Award" was confirmed. In the awards ceremony, Qianwei Yangchu was listed in [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises].

Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises](圖3)Qianwei Yangchu won Red Bull Award [2021 Top 10 China Catering Supply Chain Enterprises](圖4)

As a large-scale quick-frozen food manufacturing enterprise focusing on the B2B in catering field, Qianwei Yangchu will continue to invest in R&D in 2021 to realize the industrial production of traditional Chinese rice and flour products and provide catering enterprises with more and more product choices. In addition, we will continue to give full play to our product quality advantages, strictly control product quality, and ensure the safety of catering and food. Qianwei Yangchu hopes to serve more customers in 2021. It is believed that it will bring greater development opportunities to the company with the vigorous development of the catering industry.