This comic is forever free to read online, so merchandising is an important part of supporting our art. Help fund the comic going forward by buying an official shirt, pillow, phone case, etc.

We politely ask that fans of the comic not sell their own Olympia Heights fan products, as we do not charge for this comic and competing products hurt our ability to raise funds for future issues. Thank you!

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Fight Like a Girl
Poseidon Relaxing
Zeus Symbols Pattern
Penny's Phone Case
Thunder of Zeus
On Reaching The End…
Jason Livingstone
Dawn at Olympia Heights
Zeus's Thunderbolt
Thrice Ploughed Field
Think as a Mortal
Gift of the Kyklopes
Hermes Tattles
Use the One…
Penny Cosplay Leggings
Peter Contemplates
Give Up the Ghost Cover
Zeus on His Throne
Hades on His Throne
Ares + Aphrodite
Father and Daughter
Among the Deathless Gods
Elysian Fields
Beard isn't a Superpower
Olympians & Modern
OTP- Penny and Peter
Hades Symbols Pattern
Lightning Rod Cover
Drawing Straws
Hades Cosplay Shirt

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