A lot of things have changed this year in my life. The original plan for this comic was to go steady on a weekly schedule for eight years. In hindsight, that was a bit insane. While I still intend an eight issue arch, with my current crazy theater teacher schedule it’s just not looking realistic to run two pages a week without a break.

“The World and His Wife” (June’s Issue) is the end of the first arch. There will be four archs total. That plan is not changing. The last page of the issue will go up on January 13th, but we will make the Kindle comic available before the end for anyone who wants to read ahead. Then we’re going on a hiatus and will send out an email when we return with Issue 5.


We’re delaying the launch of the trade until after tax season when my book designer is not swamped at her day job. All four issues in the first arch will remain giftable on Kindle.

We’ve had a little surge in swag sales this month because of Christmas (we suspect.) Don’t forget to check out our Redbubble shop where you can buy shirts, mugs, notebooks, etc. I’ve spent the morning updating products, so if you’ve browsed before, take another look.







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