Zach Jacobs

Zach Jacobs is the modern Zeus, god of thunder. He’s number 06 on the Olympia Heights football team (quarterback) because he was the sixth Olympian born to Rhea and Kronos. In addition to the powers you might expect from Zeus, Zach also grows facial hair at an alarming rate.
June Herald

June Herald is the girl with the ten-year-plan. She spent her past life chasing down her husband’s mistresses, and in this life June Herald, who plans to some day be a Harvard-educated lawyer and the FLOTUS, has an uncanny ability to spot deceit in mortals.
Lewis Mercer

Lewis Mercer the fastest member of the track team, but his words fly almost as fast. In addition to his track and field pursuits, Lewis announces the morning news and commentates for home football games at Olympia Heights Senior High.
Minnie Rutherford

Miranda Rutherford, who goes by Minnie, is the top of her class. She held this lofty position even before her goddess powers kicked in and gave her a perfect memory. But she’s not all books and brains: Minnie spends her evenings and weekends playing for a junior roller derby league.
Nick Morrisey

Nick Morrisey is Zach Jacobs’s half brother. He’s captain of the swim team. Nick’s ego and pursuit of women often gets him in problems with his peers. Nick has an after-school job as a lifeguard on a nice stretch of Miami beach.
Peter Hadley

Peter Hadley is a ghost. Peter Hadley doesn’t exist. Peter Hadley is dead.
Frank Guerrero

Frank Guerrero recently transfered from Miami West High School where he played Center for the Miami West Titans. The circumstances surrounding his move are very hush-hush, but rumor has it that he killed a man.
Devon Valentine

Devon Valentine is captain of the cheerleading squad and the most popular girl in school. Every few months when one of the boys (usually Lewis) gets it into his head to rank the girls in school by hotness, Devon always wins, hands down.
Penelope Davis

Penelope Davis was a small child when cancer took her father. Though she is the youngest member of The Pantheon and still an innocent, she is greatly fascinated with darker things.
Dr. Celene Davis

Dr. Davis left pharmaceutical research after the death of her husband, Richard. She now teaches Biology at Olympia Heights Senior High. Celene Davis likes to spend her spare time gardening.
Evan Fuller

Evan Fuller is a grease monkey. He spends every spare minute in his parents’ garage tinkering. Evan was adopted by the fullers before he was a year old. He was rescued from his birth parents’ home covered in cigarette burns and with an infected leg. He now wears a prosthetic.
Teddy Wexler III

Teddy was adopted. What most people don’t know is that his adoptive father, Senator Ted Wexler Jr. (R) of Florida, is his biological father. Teddy’s real mother seems to have taken a spill down the stairs while in the presence of Senator Wexler’s wife. Teddy handles his family’s money and privilege by partying all the time.
Astin Hill

Astin Hill dreams of becoming a rock star, and he’s good enough to do it. Right now his greatest obstacle is the fact that none of his peers seem to meet his very high standards. That, and he won’t tolerate anyone else in the band taking the focus off of Astin. Astin is a morning person.
Diana Hill

Diana Hill loves to run and she loves nature. In the busy streets of Olympia Heights, it’s hard to find natural secluded areas to explore. She is happiest when visiting cousins out by Gainesville where there are actual forests. Diana is not a morning person.
Valerie Hess

Everyone tends to forget about Valerie, but they would do well to take her advice once in a while. Valerie is a sensible girl who makes level-headed decisions and sees through the drama and BS. Too bad everyone will forget to call her and ask her opinion.
Olympian TBA

We have to keep some surprises, don’t we? In the meantime, why don’t you speculate?
Jason Livingstone

Jason Livingstone is just a mortal. He’s been sucked into this whole thing, and for it his life is in peril. Jason is a widower with three small children. After a bit of a breakdown he left his position at a Florida hospital and became the school nurse; it gives him a lot more time to spend with his kids.
Titan TBA

This is a bad guy. Once again, have fun speculating.
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