In July 2011, Matter Deep Publishing launched its first novel,Olympia Heights: The Pantheon. This YA novel was the first in a four-book series that followed a group of Florida teens who discover that they are the Greek Gods reborn.

As these teens struggle to figure out who they are and why they are locked in mortal bodies, they have to navigate the world of high school, all while fending off surprise attacks from vengeful titans.

The series concluded in 2014 with the fourth novel, Olympia Heights: The Cult of Kronos. Still, fans wanted more. The Olympia Heights comic is an alternate universe retelling of the novel series with some new Olympians, slightly-altered backstories, and a whole slew of new baddies.

About the Creators




Amy Leigh Strickland

Amy Leigh Strickland is a writer and teacher. Her novels include The Olympia Heights Series, The Royer Goldhawk Series, and more.

Sam Albro

Sam Albro is a freelance comic artist and animator. He is the creator and artist behindThe Interminable Cockroach Man.

The Art of Olympia Heights

The Olympia Heights comic is drawn by Sam Albro and colored by Amy Leigh Strickland and Sam Albro. Flashbacks to Ancient Greek pasts are illustrated in a modern amphora style developed by Albro for this comic project.

The Olympia Heights Novel Series

The Olympia Heights novel series features four titles, available in eBook and paperback. Read more at www.olympia-heights.com

  1. Olympia Heights: The Pantheon
  2. Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World
  3. Olympia Heights: The Blood of Athens
  4. Olympia Heights: The Cult of Kronos

Other Works by the Creators

  1. Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal by Amy Leigh Strickland
  2. Escape OR, Major Bedloe’s Cold Iron War Machine by by Amy Leigh Strickland
  3. Kissing Corpses by Amy Leigh Strickland
  4. The Interminable Cockroach Man: Wing It by Sam Albro, Amy Leigh Strickland, and Kyle M. Strickland
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